Napoleon Grills and Tempo Rep Brings Cymax a Grill

Ted Wallace, Napoleon Grills and Tempo rep, came back to Cymax on Thursday, Apr. 15th to celebrate Cymax’s remarkable 2009 sales figures by grilling up a tasty lunch for Cymax employees. He was so impressed, he left the grill, a Napoleon Grills Prestige II 450 Series Gas Grill behind!

The total number of retail sales of Napoleon and Tempo products combined by Cymax Stores for 2009 was $780, 431.00. The first barbecue of the season, co-hosted by Cymax, was Ted’s way of showing us how much he appreciated our hard work. It included all of the usual suspects: hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, BBQ pork roast and potato and pasta salads. There were also miscellaneous snacks and refreshments. Ted made his yummy homemade potato fries. Hot off the grill, lightly salted and softly burning my fingers, I ate a small plateful for dessert!

Ted didn’t just make us lunch – he also did a couple of sales training workshops. In a generous mood, one of our favorite sales reps, also volunteered a Napoleon Freestyle Travel Q Portable Grill as an upcoming sales Spiff. Last year Ted Wallace came to Cymax on three separate occasions for training sessions, grill demonstrations and live taste testings.

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