Make Grilling Easier with the Right Accessories

You finally possess your first grill or you have (finally) recently upgraded to the grill of your dreams. Now what? The truth is the picture isn’t complete without a set of grill accessories that will make your grill easier to use and to maintain. What Kind of Grill? When considering what kinds of grill accessories […]

Why Buy an Infrared Grill?

Grilling and ultimately the type of grill you “should” buy depends on several factors, including how you like your food to taste, and how much time and effort you are prepared to spend cooking, cleaning and maintaining your barbecue. One of the newest trends fast becoming a favorite of the grilling community is the infrared […]

Charcoal Grill is the Only Way to Go!

If you’re interested in buying a grill but you’ve never owned one before, the first question that comes to mind is what kind should I get? The answer is simple…the one that best suits your personal preferences. The three main types of grills, charcoal, gas and electric, result in grilled foods that taste a certain […]

Staycation 101

Turn Your “Staycation” Into a Five-Star Getaway Never mind Europe. You can still have the time of your life by turning your backyard or patio into the ultimate retreat in which to entertain with friends, chill out with family, get a tan and have a wicked good time. Hammock Surf Forget catching a wave. You […]

Grills Gone Wild!

Brand Profile: Weber In 1952, founder George Stephen designed the Weber kettle with a lid that allows outdoor cooks to grill in all kinds of weather. Based in Palatine, Ill., family-owned Weber-Stephen Products Co. has grown to become quite possibly the most well-known manufacturer of barbecue grills, grilling accessories and other outdoor room products. Whether you’re […]