Introducing: The Bunky Board!

The term bunkie board creates a lot of confusion. Bunkie board (or bunky board) is still relatively unheard of. But these problem-solving bedroom furniture pieces might be more useful (and popular!) than you think. Read on to learn all about bunkie boards. What Is A Bunkie Board? Let’s get started by simply defining what a […]

How to Choose A Bunk Bed

Many parents remember the thrill of climbing into a bunk bed every night as a child. Why not share that experience with your children today. Choosing the right bunk bed for your kids room is an important task for any parent. Not only should a new bunk bed look good, but it also needs to […]

Colorfully Coordinated Children’s Rooms

Creating a vibrant décor for your child’s bedroom can be as easy as selecting a kids furniture collection that offers multiple finishes. We carry top rated names in youth bedroom furniture including Lea, Kid Kraft, Status Furniture from Stork Craft (shown above), Powell Furniture, and more who offer their popular kids bed designs in different […]

Bunk Beds for Teens

Loft bunk beds that include a desk, as well as options like underbed drawers and/or bookshelves, can create both a trendy look and ample storage to help curb the constant clutter often found in a teen’s room. Choose a bed with a desk built right in, and you’ve invested in a frame that will carry your teen through the college years as well.

Bunky Board or Bunkie Board or Bunkieboard?

They’ve been bugging you for months to get them a bunk bed. And now you’re just about ready to buy a bunk bed for them, you keep hearing something about a bunky board and that it’s advisable to get one for each bunk. Although some manufacturers might include Bunkie boards with the purchase of a […]

Girls’ vs. Boys’ Bunk Beds

While many types of bunk beds can be used in either a boy’s bedroom or a girl’s room, some children (and parents too) prefer decor that is gender specific. Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, you will want the bunk bed to be well-constructed, durable and stylish. But if you are in the […]

Buying Furniture for a Bedroom Office

You know that you don’t have enough guests during the year to warrant a guest room of its own, but you do need a place to put visitors when the occasion arises. A dual purpose bedroom office is the perfect solution. Have a Plan Since the space will be serving two specific functions, any furniture […]

Young America by Stanley Hampton Pointe Marimba Espresso Twin over Twin Wood Bunk Bed

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing cooler than having a bunk bed. Maybe because they provide a great foundation for building forts, or it might just be comforting knowing there’s someone close by when things go bump in the night. The Young America by Stanley Hampton Pointe Marimba Espresso Twin over Twin Wood Bunk Bed […]