What product recall?

How do you keep track of product safety information?

According to a recent study published in Parade Magazine, fewer than 50 per cent of Americans fill out product registration cards. And less than 25 per cent actively research safety recalls online.


Lazy or outdated?

Sure, paper registration seems archaic in the digital age (we would be interested to see the figures for online registrations). And many of us don’t have time to Google every potentially risky product in the house. But if everyone agrees product safety is important, how do we ensure people remain informed?

We have written plenty here about the Consumer Product Safety Commission and WeMakeItSafer, two great product safety tools at consumers’ disposal. But neither is able to shove the information in front of people. Not long ago, that was the job of the printed newspaper — another victim of the digital revolution. These days it’s easy to miss online news reports for mid-size recalls unless you search for them specifically.


Staying informed in the information age

So what is the answer? Do we follow Australia’s example and turn to the iPhone? Or is it time to completely rethink the way government agencies treat product safety information?

As always, we’re interested to hear your thoughts.


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