Truly scary safety recall numbers

Looking for some frightening Halloween reading? The Washington Post recently published a pictorial looking at the biggest product recalls in recent history, and you won’t believe some of the numbers.


2 million

easy bake oven recall


The number of Easy Bake Ovens recalled in 2007. More than 1 million of the iconic toys were pulled early in the year due to the risk of children’s hands and fingers being caught and burned in the oven. Months later the CPSC pulled another 1 million units after a 5-year-old girl had to have part of her finger amputated after receiving a serious burn from the toy.



1.5 million



The number of Thomas and Friends wooden railway toys recalled in 2007 after it was discovered that they had an excessive level of toxic lead paint.



drop side crib recall


The number of infants and toddlers who died from drop-side cribs between 2000-2010. This Stork Craft crib is just one of the 2.1 million drop-side items that were pulled from shelves before the US government outlawed them late last year.

You can view the full Washington Post article here. You might also like to read Cymax’s analysis of recent bunk bed recalls for some valuable lessons in shopping for safety.



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