6 Important TV Stand Safety Tips

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The rates of child injury from falling TVs or furniture are on the rise. Falling TVs injure more than 16,000 children a year.  Between 2000 and 2010 169 American children were killed by falling TVs or furniture. Nearly 70% of the children who die from unintentional injuries at home are 4 years old and under. These shocking statistics should highlight the importance of properly childproofing your home.

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Old tube TVs are the biggest culprit because of their weight. An average 32 inch tube TV weighs about 325 pounds while a new 32-inch flat screen weight about 60 pounds. But even though they are lighter, the weight of a new flat screen can be enough to seriously harm a child. It’s best to make sure all your TVs are safely secured.

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Fortunately there are ways to prevent TV tipping accidents. Here are our top six tips:

1 – The first thing you can do is to mount your TV on a wall or on a piece of furniture designed to hold a TV. Choose a TV stand as opposed to a dresser. It’s also wise to avoid pieces with drawers that children might be tempted to stand on.

2 – Place your TV on sturdy furniture that is appropriate to the TV size. Low rise furniture is best.

3 – Place the TV as far back on the TV stand as possible.

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4 – Avoid putting remotes, toys or anything else that a child might be tempted to grab on top of your TV stand. While it’s tempting to place these sorts of items out of reach, it only takes one unsupervised moment for a child to attempt to climb the furniture to retrieve them.

5 – Implement a wire management system. Place electrical cords and wires out of children’s reach and teach your children not to play with them.

6 – Safety straps or anchors are the best way to prevent accidents. These aren’t limited to TVs. Use them to secure any tall or heavy piece of furniture. Check to see if your TV comes with an anchor system and if it doesn’t, be sure to purchase one separately.

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It only takes a second for your child put themselves in danger. Put your mind at ease by following these easy steps for safety.

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