Kids’ Forest Bedroom

How cool would it be for a child to have a bed shaped like a house, a tree for a bookcase, and a bear on the floor to read with? This is a fantastic theme for allowing your child’s imagination to run wild.

Hillsdale has designed a fantastically whimsical bed that is both simple yet contemporary in design. The twin over twin bunk has end-boards shaped like a house, complete with a window that you can easily individualize by painting the window frame in your child’s favorite color. The really great thing about this bed is you can easily blend it into either a girl’s or boy’s room with just a simple change of decor.


The narrow frame of the Hillsdale bed is going to look very much at-home with this South Shore Cotton Candy chest. A pair of these in your children’s bedroom will maintain the simplicity of design, creating a room that is very calming and nurturing.

A plush Rug Pals baby bear is going to add to your child’s room with a nature enjoyment theme. This is a great place to gather in the evenings for a quiet story before bed.

Nursery Works designers have created the coolest bookcase for kids—shaped like a tree. This is going to make storytime so much more fun as they can “climb” the tree and search for books on the branch that they can reach the best. The taller branch shelves can be used for other memories—such as sports memorabilia, family photos, and a collection of smaller stuffies.

When decorating a woods theme for girls, you can add dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs, and frogs within the design to keep it a little more on the feminine side. A green apple sort of shade on the walls would blend really well with red, pink, and even lavendar. You can add a hint of floral in the bedding to keep a garden-like feel.

For the boys in the house, the woods theme can include dragonflies, beetles, frogs, lizards, and snakes. If you have a creative soul in the family, paint falling leaves surrounding the bookcase on the walls, and use the autumn colors for accents within the room. A boy’s outdoor style might include something more along the Americana side of things with muted reds in plaid or tartan with bear, moose, or deer 
scattered throughout the room. This is a great theme to let nature guide your design.

Bold Black Bathroom


James Martin Furniture has designed this fantastic contemporary double-sink vanity. The antique black finish blended with the wood slat shelf for towel storage is a beautiful addition to the master bedroom ensuite.ur bathroom vanity is generally the first thing people notice when they tour your home. Make your ensuite shine with a contemporary black vanity.

Any one of these accent mirrors will create a very unique, individualized feel to the bathroom.

Coaster’s Transitional mirror incorporates a three-dimensional affect to the frame, adding a more urban feel to the bathroom.

Uttermost’s Martel mirror is very simple in design, yet the soft aluminium frame adds a hint of urban-industrial to the bathroom.

Uttermost’s Claudio mirror is a perfect accompaniment to a more rustic cottage style bathroom with a contemporary twist.

Bassett’s Opus mirror taps into the avante garde personality with a silk-screen frame surrounding the mirror. It is fun and adds a great touch of bold color collections that you can feed off of for accenting the bath—whether it’s bolder wall colors, or neutral walls with bolder accents.


Lighting above the vanity is very important. If there isn’t enough light for the lady in the house to put on make-up, then the bathroom loses part of it’s functionality. Yosemite’s four-light vanity in

an ebony bronze is going to look right at home with the James Martin bathroom vanity. It has a contemporary look with a touch of classy bronze appeal. A faucet that matches closely to the bronzed effect of the light will blend beautifully and help bring the room together.

When using black as your primary color in the bathroom, accent it with either bold primary colors, silver and white, or softer pastels. Each of these color schemes will provide an insight into your own personality—are you bold and outgoing, classy and simple, or shy and agreeable? Don’t be afraid to mix and match decorating personalities (i.e. silver and white with pastels or bolds) to achieve the look that suits you.

Back to School: Enter to Win the Vivo LED Lamp from Safco!


We are very excited to announce that we are giving away one of these cool Vivo LED lamps from Safco in your choice of color. Be sure to enter below for your chance to win!

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Introduction To LED Lighting

LED lightbulbs have come a long way in the last few years. You might think of them as red, blue and green lights that were once reserved for use at parties but recent advances in technology have helped them jump into the world of home lighting. Now as white and bright as a regular bulb, LEDs are poised for a market takeover. Read on to find out just how superior these bulbs are when compared to a standard incandescent.


Introduction to LED Lighting


There are three major benefits from choosing LED lighting for your home:


Long Life

It is unlikely that your new LED bulbs will be burning out anytime soon. Their operational life time span is about 100,000 hours or 11 years of continuous use. To translate that into more realistic terms, if you left the LED bulb on for eight hours per day, it would take about 20 years before it needed to be replaced.


Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation is always an important factor in choosing your lighting and LEDs are the most efficient on the market. While a typical light loses 80-90% of their total energy consumption to other energy forms (mostly heat), LEDs only lose about 20%. That is a big difference that can translate into


Environmentally Friendly

Anyone who has had a burnt out compact fluorescent bulb will understand how problematic it can be to safely dispose of one. CFL bulbs contain toxic materials like mercury that are toxic for the environment so recycling is a must. Unlike CFLs, LED bulbs do not contain toxic materials that require special handling.




In addition to these three main benefit, LED bulbs offer some features that regular incandescent bulbs can’t beat. They have zero UV emissions which make them a great choice for areas that have sensitive materials such as artwork or wallpaper. They also brighten up immediately when turned on instead of taking time like regular bulbs do and frequent on/off switching does not reduce their operational life expectancy. Plus LED lighting offers the ability to focus light on a specific location without the use of an external reflector, making them the perfect choice for task lighting such as the desk lamp above.


Like what you see? Find the Safco Vivo lamp here.


Trend Alert: Coral

Coral is a motif that has always been popular for coastal design. Fill up a cabinet, mantle or bookshelf with some coral pieces to create a worldly look. Small coral pieces look great grouped together as well as dispersed throughout your room to create a cohesive theme. It’s also good to note that while real coral was once popular, it’s fortunate for the environment that most of today’s coral designs are synthetic. We love how these rooms below put together a coral theme.







Feeling inspired? Here are our favorite coral picks for summer 2014:

Trend Alert: Coral - Cymax Blog

1Uttermost Coral Table Lamp in Glossy White Glaze
2Uttermost Coral Sculpture in Bright Red (Set of 2)
3Uttermost White Coral Decorative Bowls in Gloss White (Set of 2)
4Zodax Coral and Crystal Table Lamp
5IMAX Corporation Carpacia Coral Bowl (Set of 2)