Why Buy an Infrared Grill?

Grilling and ultimately the type of grill you “should” buy depends on several factors, including how you like your food to taste, and how much time and effort you are prepared to spend cooking, cleaning and maintaining your barbecue. One of the newest trends fast becoming a favorite of the grilling community is the infrared grill. Three main reasons for the growing popularity of infrared grills are they cook food faster; tend to be more economical since they use less fuel; and make food taste better by sealing in flavors. If these sound like good qualities to have in a grill, perhaps you’d be interested in the TEC G-Sport FR LP Gas Grill.

Infrared grills like the TEC G-Sport FR LP Gas Grill begin with a special infrared gas burner capable of converting propane or natural gas into infrared radiation. This process generates heat several hundred degrees hotter than standard outdoor gas grills. With the TEC’s new patented grilling system with 100% infrared energy, even well done meats stay tender and juicy. This versatile infrared grill is designed to accommodate both infrared grilling and conventional cooking.

The best part about the TEC G-Sport FR LP Gas Grill is its incredible temperature range: you can smoke a turkey on low heat or turn it up high enough to sear a steak to just the way you like it.

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