Take the Party Outside

 If a home bar can spice up your family room, living room or games room, an outdoor home bar can do the same for your backyard, patio or deck area. Outdoor home bars, like their indoor counterparts, can boost your entertaining style and enhance the time you spend with family and friends. Even if you have no immediate plans to host the block party of the century or you aren’t in the habit of entertaining in the backyard, a home bar by the pool and on the patio is a quick and easy way to enhance your outdoor downtime, while saving you a few steps back inside to the kitchen for more ice or a refill. Some outdoor home bars are designed with a specific theme in mind like a Tiki bar that will make you feel like you have been transported to an exotic tropical resort.

In order for your outdoor bar to be a vital part of your summer downtime and the center of attention on your patio or deck, treat the outdoor bar area as you would when decorating a room in your home. It might appear as simple as purchasing a bar with matching bar stools and just putting it somewhere that it can stand flat and secure without wobbling. But for you to get the best out of your outdoor home bar here are some things you should consider first.


Pick a spot for your home bar in your backyard or on your patio or deck that will allow you to move around easily both behind and in front of the counter. If your outdoor home bar is to have barstools, ensure that when they are pulled up to the bar they won’t be in the way or interrupt traffic flow. If your home bar does not provide its own shade like the Alfresco Home Sabbia Tiki Outdoor Patio Bar Set does, you might want to make sure your home bar will be shaded by trees, an awning or a freestanding patio umbrella. Particularly if you have a special feature in your backyard, such as a waterfall, pond, trellis or spectacular view of the mountains or the city lights at night, plan on incorporating the scenery into your outdoor home bar design when deciding on where your home bar will go.


Decide what the main purpose you want your home bar to have. This will largely determine what kinds of features your home bar should have to make it most useful. Do you want some place to serve drinks and sit and chat for awhile? If you plan on just having some place to mix drinks but serving them by the pool, by a favorite flower bed or at the patio table where you can play cards or a board game, then your home bar can be smaller sized and more compact since it won’t have to accommodate a certain number of people at the bar itself.


When planning an outdoor bar area, consider carefully the types of features you would like your home bar to have. Keep in mind the main purpose you are purchasing your outdoor bar for. Some popular features of outdoor home bars are wine bottle holders, a spirits cabinet, bins for ice, multipurpose drawers, pull-out trays and compartments for appliances like a small fridge or sink.

An outdoor home bar will be the ideal addition to your patio, deck or backyard. Whether you entertain only occasionally or have never learned how to make a long island iced tea, an outdoor home bar is a great way to enjoy a morning latte, sip lemonade in between gardening chores or have a handy place to store bottles of juice or water.

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