Staycation 101

Turn Your “Staycation” Into a Five-Star Getaway

Never mind Europe. You can still have the time of your life by turning your backyard or patio into the ultimate retreat in which to entertain with friends, chill out with family, get a tan and have a wicked good time.

Hammock Surf

Forget catching a wave. You can get the ultimate workout right in your backyard, swinging lazily on a comfy hammock. Think of all the reading you will get done, all the Zzzzz you will catch! Bathing suit not included. Shop for hammocks, patio umbrellas and more at PatioUmbrellaStation.

Cook in Style

Time to update that rusting, peeling grill. The Element Grill is a minimalist beauty from Fuego and is sure to become the envy this BBQ season. Surely the best thing to happen to the burger and bun! Shop for grills and accessories at CSGrills.

Provence, New England,  Bora Bora, Oh My!

Bring a bit of France, Cape Cod or Polynesia to your patio with a vintage looking bistro table, an Adirondack chair or even a Tiki style bar. Everything from your morning croissants to your mai tai will taste that much better. Shop for all outdoor furniture.

Speak Up: Are you going away this summer? Are you considering a “Staycation”?

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