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Shine A Light

With spring in full swing, it’s time to take the party outside. And for those of us lucky enough to have a patio, rooftop deck or garden in which to entertain, springtime means it’s just warm enough to host anything from a little get-together after work, a sunset BBQ for families or friends or a romantic dinner for two under the stars. All you need is to wipe down the patio furniture, come up with a menu, some homemade lemonade or cocktails and you’re set.

Before you send out those invites, though, there are a few last minute details to think about. Flowers? Check. Bug spray? Check. But what about the lighting? The last thing you want is to be enjoying good food and good company as the sun sets and then realize that, Oh no, in minutes there won’t be enough light to see what’s on my plate. In fact, lighting can make or break a successful dinner party–particularly an outdoor one. Too bright and your guests will feel like they’re eating at the neighborhood Subway. Too dark and they’ll be struggling to make eye contact and appreciate the dishes you carefully prepared. (As the saying goes, we eat with our eyes first.)

With that in mind, we have selected some lighting choices for your outdoor space that will help set the mood and keep the party going well past sunset.

These bracket torches are perfect for the porch or deck. The brackets clamp safely and securely to handrails or the edge of a table and help create a candlelit atmosphere in hard to light places.

A patio umbrella is a must have for parties that start early–you don’t want anyone getting sunburned, after all. But turn on the tiny lights once the sun sets and you’ll create a dreamy atmosphere. Perfect for an intimate dinner for two. Better yet, the lights are weather resistant and do not attract most insects.

Outdoor Lighting

Rooftop gardens come alive with these Florentine Torches that glide easily into the ground or into potted plants. The’re powder-coated for year round weather resistance and can be used indoors and outdoors.


Candles bring warmth to any setting but there’s always the risk of them tipping (and becoming a fire hazard) or blowing out in the wind. Which is why we love these hurricane lanterns, which are made of copper finish with brass accents and are inspired by the traditional craftsman lanterns of days past.

Got any tips and tricks for lighting up your outdoor space? If you could buy any outdoor lighting product on the website, what would you own?

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