Grill to WIN with TEC Infrared Grills

 TEC Cherokee FR Portable LP Gas Grill with Infrared Technology Do you own a TEC Infrared Grill? Here’s your chance to win a new model, the TEC Cherokee FR Portable Infrared Grill.

To enter, all you need is your grill and a video-capable camera. Shoot your grill in action. Share your thoughts on what makes a great grilling experience, how to maximize flavors and enhance textures.

Grill Video Must-haves:

  • The video must be originally yours.
  • Must be posted on YouTube and the URL must also be sent to TEC by August 1, 2011.
  • Mention “TEC” at least 5 times and “100% Infrared” at least 3 times.

Your video must be posted to YouTube and must contain the following keywords: TEC, Grill, Barbeque, Gas, Infrared, Radiant, 100%, Grilling, Video, Demonstration, Charbroil, Outdoor, Cooking. Add any other terms you think might get your video seen and shared.

Send the link for your video to

On August 30, 2011 the staff at TEC will assess the number of hits on each video and the entrant with the most hits wins.

What does a grilling video look like? Here’s a starter sample of grilling with a TEC Grills Sterling II.

TEC Grills Sterling II FR Gas Grill and Regulator

 TEC Grills Sterling II FR Two Burner Infrared Flare-Resistant LP Gas Grill and Regulator

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