Buying Guide: TV Furniture

The options available in TV and home entertainment furniture today are almost limitless. However, this also means that it can be daunting for a homeowner who is trying to choose the best option for their space. Should you pick a small glass TV stand or a wood TV cabinet? A beautiful TV hutch or a sleek TV wall mount? Everyone’s individual space and budget will affect their decision. But to make things easier here is our quick and simple guide to selecting home entertainment furniture.

South Shore Back Bay TV Stand in Dark Chocolate

What to Choose: Determining Your Needs

The biggest factor in determining what piece of furniture to buy is the size of your TV. A super-sized plasma TV will be unsafe if stood on a tiny TV stand and is unlikely to fit into a TV armoire. A TV cabinet or credenza would be a better choice. Likewise, if your TV is on the small side you won’t want to call attention to it’s small proportions by placing it on a large piece of furniture unless you creatively balance the look with other decorative objects or a piece of art. However, it is wise to choose a TV stand or cabinet that at least as large as your TV for safety reasons. You don’t want any overhang around the edges. Remember that TVs are measured diagonally across the screen only. You will want to measure the actual width of your TV including any bevels before you make a purchase.

 It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that in general it’s best to pick a TV stand or cabinet sits quite low to the ground. You will want it to be at eye level when you are seated. An exception to this is when you are purchasing a TV stand for a bedroom where a higher TV stand will be more comfortable for viewing.

Another determining factor is your existing space. How much room you have will definitely have an impact on your choice. Living in a small space? Try a corner TV cabinet or TV stand. Room to spread out? Try the high-impact look of an entertainment center that also has a ton of storage features.

Think about whether you want open or closed storage. Some homeowners prefer to have their components out in the open for easy access and display. But closed storage is sometimes preferable since it can hide any clutter. However, keep in mind that a closed door will block IR reception. Whether you think it’s worth it to open a cabinet door every time you watch TV is entirely up to you.

Your design style will also play a role. A floating TV stand or TV wall mount are great choices for a modern space. A TV armoire or beautiful wood TV console might be more appropriate for a traditional space. Choose metal and glass for an urban feel or painted wood for some country-inspired flair.

Lastly, you will want to think carefully about your home entertainment needs. Take a tally of the number of components you have, including your DVD player, PVR, receiver and gaming systems etc. Consider whether you also need storage for items like speakers or media storage. If you have a small unit already consider buying a larger unit instead of a second small unit. It’s always more convenient to have everything in one spot and it usually looks much better.

Hammary Structure TV Easel Stand in Distressed Brown

TV Furniture Types

TV Stands + TV Cabinets

TV stands are by far the most popular choice for home entertainment centers. They are usually quite compact which makes them easy to incorporate into almost any space. Most of the time they consist of a few open shelves and a place to stand your TV on top. But some have doors which are useful for hiding away your electronics (sometimes these are referred to as TV cabinets). Because TV stands are so popular, a multitude of design options are available,  including everything from open storage to closed, big to small. If you want the look of a wall mount TV but are wary of putting holes in your walls, try a TV stand with TV mount. Or simply stand your TV on top. Try a wood version with closed doors for a traditional look or lighten up your contemporary space with a glass and metal TV stand.


Stanley Furniture Hudson Street Dark Espresso Entertainment Console

TV Consoles and Credenzas

TV consoles and credenzas are a slightly larger option in relation to  a TV stand. Although they vary in name, all of these types of cabinets have doors, sides and a back. They provide closed storage for hiding away your components as well as your accessories like DVDs. Choose a large console to make a dramatic statement or a compact credenza for a smaller space. Some cabinets will have extra features like drawers, lift mounts or areas specifically designed for equipment like speakers or media storage.  Plus the options on larger units can also provide storage for items like throw pillows or blankets.

Southern Enterprises Fulton Espresso Corner Media Stand

Corner TV Stands

Short on space? A corner TV stand might be right for you. These TV stands make great use of an awkward or otherwise unused space.  The two adjacent walls form perfect leading lines which help to make your TV a focal point. They can also take up less room than a normal TV stand but still provide storage for your components. Some even have room for your accessories like DVDs or speakers.

Southern Enterprises Antebellum Antique White Media Console with Electric Fireplace

Fireplace TV Stands

Warm up your home with a fireplace TV stand. Another great way to create a focal point in your space is by purchasing a TV stand with a built-in fireplace. Typically these units are electric and only need to be plugged into the wall. The installation is super fast and avoids the typical mess and cost installing a regular or gas fireplace. The ease of an all-in-one unit is a simple way to get this dramatic look in your home.

Modus Brighton Armoire

TV Armoires

Many homeowners desire the option of being able to hide away their TV and an armoire is a great solution. Simply close the doors when the TV is not in use. An armoire usually provides a ton of extra storage for anything from speakers to DVDs. However a TV armoire is usually quite large so it might not be the best choice for a small space or for a large TV.

Sonax Contemporary Ebony Pecan Entertainment Center

Entertainment Centers

If you want to make your TV the focal point of your space, an entertainment center might be the right choice for you. By making the most of the vertical space, your storage potential is also maximized. Most entertainment centers incorporate a ton of concealed storage as well as display area. Higher end models even have extra features like lighting or sliding cabinet doors that reveal and conceal as you need them. Keep in mind that an entertainment center is by far the largest option so double check that you have ample room before you buy. Choose from an almost dizzying array of design options. Try a large espresso wall unit to make a dramatic statement or try a stunning traditional white cabinet with ornate carved detailing for something more subdued.

Parker House Venezia TV Stand with Hutch in Black Finish

TV Stands with Hutch

A TV stand with hutch is another option that makes great use of your vertical space. These units are similar to entertainment centers but are narrower making them ideal for smaller spaces. Stand your TV on the center shelf and have plenty of room left over for display or media storage in the top shelf. Try a dramatic black hutch to make a statement or go for a more traditional look with a cherry finish.

Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Home Entertainment Console in Black

Floating TV Stands

A floating TV stand is a wonderfully modern approach to your entertainment center. These types of TV stand attach to the wall like a shelf. This floating approach is usually much narrower than a comparable freestanding unit and takes up no actual floor space. This is a great option for small spaces or for those with a modern open-concept layout. It has the look of high-end custom cabinetry while still providing storage for components.

Atlantic Inc. Spyder TV Gaming Stand

Gaming TV Stand

If you have a gamer in the family, you will be all too familiar with the way gaming gear and accessories seems to accumulate when you are not looking. So as you might have guessed, a gaming TV stand is the perfect option for you. A gaming TV stand will have a bunch of storage option specifically designed to house your gaming system. For example, some units have built in hooks for accessories like guitars or microphones. Some also have pull-out units incorporated into their design which makes it super simple to access your console. Just wheel it back inside when you are finished.  This makes a great solution for a secondary TV area like in your den, rec room or teen’s bedroom.


Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Home Entertainment Console in Black

TV Mounts

If you are in a crunch for space or you are looking for some flexibility, a TV mount might be the right choice for you. TV mounts can work alone or in conjunction with a low TV stand or AV rack. This is a great choice for those who are hanging a TV above a fireplace. A lucky few will have the option of storing their things in a separate component closet. TV mounts are available in a number of different configurations. Some simply hang in a fixed position on the wall while others can pull out and pivot from side to side.

VTI Wide Body Cabinet Cart for up to 55 Inches with Pull Out Shelf

Component Rack

Are you a minimalist? A component rack might be the choice for you. Let your TV take center stage and hide away all your necessities out of sight. The component rack can be stored off to the side or out of the way which leaves you more room to sit back and enjoy your new TV.

Sonax TV Adjustable Wall Mount 32 – 65 Inches

TV Wall Mount

A wall mount TV is an ideal solution for the minimalist look or in conjunction with a TV stand. There are three major types of TV wall mounts: fixed, tilting or full-motion. TV wall mounts vary in size and weight limits so make sure to double check before purchasing. For more information, check out our comprehensive guide on how to hang a TV here.


VTI Wide Body Cabinet Cart for up to 55 Inches with Pull Out Shelf

TV Carts

When flexibility is a top concern, consider using a TV cart. These are the perfect choice for use in offices or schools. House both a TV and an accessory like a DVD player or projector. Easily wheel them from space to space as required.

Wynwood Hadley Pointe Entertainment Unit in Antique Parchment

Other Features

Some TV stands feature design extras such as extra storage. Swivels are a popular extra feature as they allow you to view your TV from more than one area or to easily angle it away from any glare. Look for integrated cable management systems or adjustable interior shelves. Some models even come with castors for added mobility. No matter what your individual needs happen to be, you are bound to find the perfect fit in our extensive TV furniture collection.



The options are endless and it’s really all up to you to decide on the best fit. Browse through our selection and find the perfect piece of TV furniture today.

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