Tempo Waldorf Bar Height Pub Set

If you already own a home bar, then a pub table and chairs or even pub set makes perfect sense. But why would you consider buying a pub set when you don’t have one and you can’t see yourself investing in a home bar anytime in the near future? A pub table, especially one with matching chairs, is actually a very versatile piece of furniture. If you have a games room or a family room, a pub set like the Tempo Waldorf Bar Height Pub Set is a trendy way to add both functionality and style, whether you’re just watching the action or you’re waiting your turn to play.

Gone are the days of decorating the a kitchen or dining room with a standard dining table – the popularity of gathering (counter-height dining) tables and pub sets reflect the growing trend of smaller living spaces and multipurpose rooms with an open concept design. This well-appointed bar height pub set provides a comfortable place for friends to gather in a secondary eating area like a kitchen or a dining/living room area.

A pub set creates a relaxed, fun atmosphere in a family room or kitchen. And this pub set has the added benefit of evoking the charm of alfresco dining in some Parisian café or a Spanish bistro.

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