Pastel Furniture Carmel Side Chair

Creating a visually interesting room isn’t always as simple as it sounds. While it’s easy to make big statements with your major pieces of furniture, finding interesting accent furniture that can stand out on their own can be quite the task. The Pastel Furniture Carmel Side Chair adds a significant and elegant contribution to any setting, complementing your existing furniture while bringing more to the table.

If you’re going to add a side chair to the room, what’s the point of including a furniture that fades into the background, never to be noticed? The Pastel Furniture Carmel Side Chair mixes the eclectic with the traditional, creating a hybrid of old and new that is fresh. Constructed of solid hardwood with a metal accent backrest and an upholstered in Dakota Toffee fabric, this side chair even has a hand-painted finish for a more unique look.

You want your side chairs to complement your other furniture, not distract from it. But you also don’t want to add bland pieces to the room that add nothing. This Pastel Furniture Carmel Side Chair finds the right balance between supportive and visually interesting, and will be a great addition to your home or office.

Pastel Furniture Carmel Side Chair

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