Jaxx Pillow Sac Bean Bag Chair in Charcoal Micro-Suede

Tired of your stuffy, uncomfortable couch and ready for something completely different? Why not try a bean bag chair? The Jaxx Pillow Sac Bean Bag Chair in Charcoal Micro-Suede offers an awesome alternative to your regular seating arrangements. If you’re looking for a gaming chair, a lounging chair, a napping chair or just somewhere to sprawl out and be lazy, then this bean bag chair from Jaxx is for you.

The Jaxx Pillow Sac Bean Bag Chair is extra large, capable of fitting two people comfortably and can even be transformed into an impromptu mattress when flattened out. Its charcoal micro-suede upholstery is extremely soft, touchable and inviting; plus its zip-off nature means that washing the cover couldn’t be easier. Mold and shape this bean bag chair into a variety of different shapes for whatever the occasion.

Using 100% recycled/shredded furniture grade urethane foam, this Jaxx bean bag chair is so comfortable you’ll never want to get up, especially if you’re cuddling with a sweetheart. The unique design adds visual interest to the room and will become a favorite of family, friends and guests. Perfect for adults, kids and pets, treat yourself to the most comfortable chair in the room.

Jaxx Pillow Sac Chair in Charcoal Micro-Suede

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