High & Low: Desk

Inspired by our design-savvy but budget-conscious customers, we introduce a new column called, you guessed it, High & Low.

Every week we present a beautiful piece of furniture that has become an icon in design and is, more often than not, too expensive for most of us. But don’t fret: we also feature a similar looking and equally well-crafted piece from the Cymax store that is attractively priced.

The History
“The Desk has a slightly elevated back area that’s made to hold your task lamp and accessories. Integrated cord management keeps wires at bay and allows you to stash the unsightly tangle into an accessible area that is built into the body of the Desk. Also built into the Desk is a cork-lined drawer with three removable trays for pens and pencils. The Media Cabinet offers both concealed and open storage, and has adjustable walnut shelves. The contrasting materials used to create Airia showcase the collection’s quality millwork and sculptural lines.”

How Do They Compare?
The benefit of this design is that it clearly delineates where the work area begins, and in doing so, prevents these items from creeping into the center of the desktop.

$ The Techni Mobili features a solid wooden desk and cabinet combination built on heavy duty casters for easy transport if the need arises. The rotating desk base also provides a versatile solution for every office setup you can imagine, like a mobile CPU caddy for PC use. Compact and mobile, this desk is sure to be the highlight of your home office.

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  1. Loved your furniture ideas! Was looking around for a computer desk as a belated Mother’s Day gift for my mom. Found it right here…thanks!

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