Girls’ vs. Boys’ Bunk Beds

While many types of bunk beds can be used in either a boy’s bedroom or a girl’s room, some children (and parents too) prefer decor that is gender specific. Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, you will want the bunk bed to be well-constructed, durable and stylish. But if you are in the market specifically for girls bunk beds or boys bunk beds, there are some easy “tells” that you can look for to help you find exactly what you want.

Bunk Bed Color

For girls: Go lighter or brighter. When purchasing a bunk bed for a girls bedroom, select one in a white, pastel or natural color or with a light to medium traditional wood finish.

For boys: Choose bunk beds with darker finishes. A bunk bed in classic finishes like black, dark oak, dark brown or espresso will be ideal for a boys bedroom.

Bunk Bed Design

For girls: No matter what the style, if you are selecting a bunk bed for a girl’s room, it can be as decorative as you want it to be.

For boys: On the other hand, the less decorative detail for boys, will probably be for the better.

Themed Bunk Beds

For girls: Some of the more popular themes for bunk beds are: doll houses, castles (in princess colors) and country cottages.

For boys: Can’t make of list of themed bunk beds for boys without mentioning firestations, castles (in prince colors) or of course, pirates.

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