Flat Screen TV Options: Wall Mounted or LCD TV Stands

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LCD TV Stands and Wall Mount Options

If you’ve recently purchased a flat screen TV, your next decision is how to install it in your home. Consider your floor plan and available space before you commit and you’ll avoid a cramped or empty looking living room or media room. Will you mount it on your wall? Should you use a TV stand? There are pros and cons to both options.

The picture frame look of a wall-mounted flat screen TV is a hot trend, particularly in urban apartments, contemporary condos, or anywhere floor space is at a premium. The result is a sleek modern look that draws the eye to the wall, without reminding occupants that they’re in a small space. While wall mounting is a hot trend, keep in mind that wire management quickly becomes an issue. If you decide to go the wall-mounted route, definitely read our post on How to Hang a Flat Screen TV.

Many TV stands on the market today have been designed with large, LCD TVs or flat screen TVs in mind. You’ll find traditional designs along with TV armoires and larger entertainment centers. But you’ll also find smaller, more minimalist models since many flat screen TVs don’t require as much support. An LCD TV stand may be longer and shallower than what you needed for an old-fashioned picture tube television. These slim but wide TV stands are a great alternative to wall mounting when you’ve got a small space to work with, but don’t want to undertake the wall wiring required for a sleek look.

In the illustration above, we’re looking at an Altra Furniture Carson TV Stand, a Sonax TV Tilt Wall Mount and a Bello Triple Play Universal Flat Panel Stand. As you can see in this comparison, wall mounting has a clever look, but you will likely still need storage for media devices like your cable or satellite box, a DVD player, an amplifier or whatever combination makes up your home theater system.

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