Fireplace Screens : For Safety and Decoration

Fireplaces add a beautiful and warm aesthetic to the room, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks to having a fireplace in your home. That’s why a fireplace screen is so important – it not only offers safety, but it allows your fireplace to retain its natural beauty while adding complementary decoration.

Now, you might be thinking, “That’s a lot of fancy talk for a fireplace screen,” but it really is true. Without a fire screen, sparks, ash, and extreme heat may escape from the fireplace, causing injury or even an accidental fire. While a fireplace screen is mandatory, that doesn’t mean it will hamper the comforting visuals and sounds that one associates with fireplaces. Instead, a fireplace screen enhances these qualities by adding a layer of visual interest.

Fireplace Screen Size and Shape

Uniflame 3 Fold Oversized Stove Screen

If you’re looking for a new fireplace screen, the first thing you should do is assess the measurements of your fireplace. You’ll need to take measurements to ensure that the screen you choose will fit your fireplace. A quick measurement of the height and width and you’ll be all set. As a general rule, single-frame screens should be 1-3 inches larger than your fireplace on all sides, while folding screens should be around 10-12 inches wider, and 1-3 inches taller than your fireplace.

Fireplace Screen Materials and Style

Uniflame 3 Fold Ornate Fully Cast Solid Brass Screen

Fireplace screens are generally made from metal, a combination of metal and glass, or wrought iron. You’ll want to match the style of your screen with the furniture in the room. If your fireplace is in a traditional living room, then look for a fireplace screen with intricate design and decorative scroll work. For a modern setting, a metal and glass screen with a simple design and clean lines is your best bet.

The great thing about fireplace screens is that they can be extremely beautiful pieces of accent furniture that add real visual interest to a room. You also won’t have to empty your bank account to find a great fireplace screen, as the majority of screens are inexpensive and decently priced.

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