Award-winning bar stool ideas

There’s plenty for decorators to glean from the 2011 Blueprint Design Awards, even if most of the innovative products on display are yet to be built.

The event, held late in September in London, showcased a variety of prototype furnishings across categories including benches, lighting and tableware. But Cymax made special note of the winner of the overall Best New Product category – a very stylish set of bar stools conceived by Norwegian designer Martin Solem.

Bar stools

Daddy Longlegs bar stools


Majorly minimalist


The so-called Daddy Longlegs range, pictured above, speaks volumes about what decorators should consider if they are searching for ways to add some European spice to the kitchen, bar or dining area. And although this particular collection isn’t available to the public, it is echoed in Cymax’s existing collection of bar stools at MoreBarStools.

The design rests on its striking simplicity – sleek untreated wood, accented subtly by colored seats and metal footrests that can be matched to their surrounds. The stools’ shapes, uncomplicated and elegant, hark back to the minimalist movement of the 1950s and 60s.

Solem called on his previous background in carpentry and sales in an effort to build something beautiful, but accessible. “As a design student I always try to be innovative, but I might be a bit old fashioned in my thoughts of design,” he said at the event. “For me a product has to be realistic and useful to be called good design.”


Simple elegance at Cymax


If you like what you see, check out Cymax’s quality collection of backless wooden bar stools – particularly the International Concepts and Great American ranges. There you will notice stools that feature many of the same contemporary design principles, perfect for the modern home and available now.

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