Stamina Bio Flex 1700 Home Gym

The Stamina Bio Flex 1700 home gym is a great option for those who prefer to workout in private. Going to the gym can be a tall task for those just getting into the fitness world. If you’re not a regular exerciser, it can be intimidating to start getting yourself in shape in front of strangers. With the Stamina Bio Flex 1700, you get an entire gym in your own home.

With one machine, you’ll get a complete body workout that increases both strength and fitness. The Bio Flex provides you with a number of different exercises that will target different muscle groups, giving you a chiseled physique from top to bottom. This exercise machine gives you a more complete workout than simple free weights, and the sleek design and easy-to-change resistance mean there’s minimal cleanup or clutter.

The home gym includes lat tower, leg curl/leg extension station, standing station, four-position removable seat, pulley system and more. If you’ve always wanted a better body but you can’t stand going to the gym, then now is the time to try the Stamina Bio Flex 1700 home gym system. It’s the perfect piece of exercise equipment.

Stamina Bio Flex 1700 Metallic Grey Steel Frame Home Gym

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