Stamina 25 lb. Versa-Bell II Dumbbell

If you’re eager to add weights to your workout routine but you’re not sure how much you should lift, or how fast you’ll progress, then the Stamina Versa-Bell II 25 lb. dumbbell can solve the majority of your problems. This innovative dumbbell eliminates the need for multiple weights, as it can adjust from 5 lbs. to 25lbs. on the fly.

If you have limited amount of room in your home for workout equipment, then having a set of weights lying around can be a real pain. The Stamina Versa-Bell II is the equivalent of owning nine different dumbbells, saving you both space and money.

By simply turning an easy-to-use dial on the dumbbell, you’ll be able to shift to the ideal weight for you. A window display on the weight shows you the weight change while you turn the dial. The easy-grip, non-slip handle helps prevent any accidental workout accidents.

If you’ve always wanted to tone up your arms and upper body, but you weren’t sure what weights you needed to get the job done, look no further. The Stamina Versa-Bell II 25lb. dumbbell is perfect for anyone looking to start lifting weights.

Stamina 25 lb. Versa-Bell II Dumbbell

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