Power Systems VersaBall PRO

2011 is here, and with the brand new year comes a new resolution. If you’re like most people, getting yourself into better shape is usually at the top of the list. After a holiday filled with turkey dinners, baking and sweets, a good exercise routine is exactly what you need. The VersaBall® PRO is the perfect piece of exercise equipment to jump start your healthier lifestyle.

This exercise ball provides firm and stable support while you tone and strengthen your core muscles. Incorporate the exercise ball into your workout and watch as flab turns to muscle. Let’s be honest; sticking to a workout routine can be a huge challenge. But with a VersaBall® PRO, you can incorporate exercise into your daily life activities. Use this exercise ball as a computer chair, of utilize it while watching TV.

Find the right-sized exercise ball and get to work. The VersaBall® PRO can be used for push-ups, as a base for weight lifting, for abdominal workouts and more. With this fitness ball, you have one more tool to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution. Let 2011 be the year you get healthy!

Power Systems VersaBall PRO

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