Power Systems Bongo Balance Board

Sure, cardio and weightlifting make a great base for any fitness plan, but sometimes you need to add a little something to your workout to cover the intangibles. A Power Systems Bongo Balance Board can increase your balance, coordination, motor skills, weight distribution and core strength. Plus, they’re an engaging and entertaining way to get yourself into shape.

This balance board simulates lateral and radial movements, making it the ideal piece of exercise equipment for balance training. When you first hop on, you might only be able to maintain your balance for a few seconds, as your body won’t be used to using a balance board. But after a few sessions, you’ll see your balance improving and you’ll notice increased strength in your legs and core.

Balance boards are an essential tool for any athlete hoping to excel in their sport, but they’re also a great tool for those just looking to improve their shape and fitness. Balance boards are great because they can be used quickly with little hassle, in your gym or in front of your television set. Get the core strength you need to excel with a Power Systems Bongo Board.

Power Systems Bongo Balance Board

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