We Love Our Twitter Followers – More Cymax Giveaways in December

We admit it. We love your attention. That is why we will be continuing with another series of $50 gift codes to cymax.com to give away to our amazing Twitter followers. The winner can use the code towards purchases of $50 or more.


At our next giveaway, join the discussion and share your Christmas wish list. Are there Cymax products that you think would make great gifts? We sure hope so.


Don’t forget to follow us and write a tweet mentioning two friends and @CymaxStores_, a specified shortened URL, and a message about the contest:


eg: @cymaxstores_ @friend1 @friend2 check out this cymax contest http://ow.ly/7N91t.


Then you will get a clue via a direct message about the time and day of the next giveaway. Yes, it’s old news to our loyal followers but a reminder never hurts.


Hope everyone is off to a great start to the last month of the year!

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