Review to Win a $1,000 in Bush Furniture

Do you own or use a Bush Furniture product at your home or office? Share your opinion and experience in a review at for your chance to win a $1000 shopping spree. Writing a review couldn’t be easier! It’s just a few quick steps, illustrated below.

1 product page

  1. 2 write review First, visit and locate the page (sample above) for the product you wish to review.

  3. To the right of the price, next to product’s stars, you’ll find a link for “write a review” (shown right). On the review page, you’ll find a straightforward form starting with a photo and summary of the product. View a sample review page.

  5. You will need to create Headline text and give the product an Overall Rating by selecting a number of stars. These fields are required.

  7. Optionally, you may enhance your review with check boxes for Pros, Cons, and Best Uses of the product, adding your own custom text if desired. You can also indicate the type of shopper you are and how you’ve chosen to use the product.

  9. When you reach the Comments section, note that this is the most important part of your review. Other customers may use your story as a guide for their own purchasing decisions, so add as much detail as you can.

  11. Previewing your review content (shown below) is also an important step. Does your feedback relate to the product you’re reviewing? Have you included details about the product? Again, the Comments section is the most influential part of your review. The text should be as informative as possible.

    4 preview


  12. You will need to add a Nickname to your review. For the Bush Furniture $1000 Shopping Spree contest, we suggest that you use your real first and last name to make it easier for us to track your entry. We recommend adding your location as well.

  14. After you submit your review, our system will require that you become a Verified Reviewer (shown below). This is a necessary step if you want your review to be entered in the draw, so we can contact you in the event that your entry wins.
    5 become a verified reviewer

  16. If you own and maintain a blog, you can easily share your completed review with your readers. Simply provide the URL of your blog before exiting the final review window.

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  1. Beautiful! The barrister bookcases are stunning!

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