November Cymax Giveaways

Cymax is giving away a series of $50 gift codes to through our twitter account @cymaxstores_. Customers using the codes will be able to use them towards checkouts valued at $50 or greater.

To learn more about the time and day that the codes will be given out, make sure to follow @cymaxstores_ and write an original tweet  mentioning two friends and cymaxstores_, a specified shortened URL, and a message about the contest:

eg: @cymaxstores_ @friend1 @friend2 check out this cymax contest

The Specified URL will change each week, for up to date information on the specified URL, refer to Cymax on twitter.


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  1. [...] up, @cymaxstores_ is giving another series of $50 gift codes away in November too! Check their blog for more info! [...]

  2. Love yourvamazing site. Following and tweeting @martiferg

  3. Sorry for the typo. Meant to say love your amazing site. Could do some major damage with my Am Ex shopping here…he he.:)

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