Follow Cymax to win $500 in gift codes

Cymax is running a Twitter event during the month of October, where we give away ten $50 gift codes to be used on our sites. Each gift code can only be used once, and will be only available to the first person who uses it on our site. They are available on a first come, first serve basis.

No purchase is necessary to enter the contest, and no purchase is necessary to check to see if the code has been used yet. It is free to join, and available to anybody living in the contiguous 48 states. To enter the contest, follow @Cymaxstores_ on Twitter and wait for the coupon code to be posted to our feed. (While you’re at it, be sure to connect with us on Facebook for more information about our great products and promotions.)

How to Claim a Coupon

It’s easy to enter the contest. Simply follow our official Twitter profile @cymaxstores_, and get updates from us during the month of October. Ten Tweets will go out during the month containing a gift code which can be used towards a purchase on our website.

To test a coupon code, find an item you want to purchase, and click add to cart (as illustrated below).



On the next page, click on the text above the checkout button that reads: “HAVE A COUPON CODE OR GIFT CERTIFICATE? CLICK HERE TO APPLY IT.”


Test the coupon code in the field. If it has been used you will receive an error message, if not you will see the code applied and you can proceed to checkout.

If for some reason you feel that your coupon wasn’t applied to your order, and your order was submitted, CALL our customer service line immediately (Toll Free 866-740-9830).

The Terms

Each gift code is valued at $50, however it can only be used for purchases of $50 or greater. In some cases, the person who claims the coupon will need to pay the balance between the $50 and the value of their cart at checkout. They will also be subject to sales tax if they are residents of the Commonwealth (State) of Virginia. The vast majority of items on the site are offered with free shipping; however where shipping is not included in the price, the coupon can be used towards any extra shipping costs.

We hope you find this to be a fun contest, and a great way to save money on upcoming gifts for the holidays or other purchases for your home. sells a wide variety of products over a range of categories including baby products, home and office furniture, and more.

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