Olympic Spirit at Cymax!

On the last day of its 106-day journey across Canada, the Olympic Torch Relay passed by our office building on Feb. 12th around 8:30 in the morning. Anticipating heavy traffic and other miscellaneous delays, I left for work earlier than usual. Already, as I made my way to the corner of Bute and Georgia, the crowds were beginning to gather; noise makers were being tested to see if they worked; people warmed up their voices by cheering for the occasional official Olympic-marked car that passed by.

I had seen them bring the torch over the Burrard St. Bridge into downtown Vancouver the previous evening, so when I arrived at my desk, I settled down to work. But not for long! As the time approached for the torch to pass by, Cymax started to buzz with excitement as coworkers headed for the street. Since I already had a taste of the Olympic torch the night before, I thought I was immune. Not a chance! I just had to see it again.

Sponsors of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, the RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) and Coca Cola vehicles led the “parade” with plenty of fanfare.

Then came the police mounted on horses followed by Olympic officials in cars.

And finally in the midst of deafening roars and shouts of “Go Canada” from the crowd, the torch bearer appeared. In my excitement, I am afraid to admit that I forgot his name – I do know that it wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger or Wayne Gretzky’s dad, Walter who both ran in the torch relay earlier that morning.

It was true about what torch bearers being interviewed on the evening said about participating in the Olympic torch relay – that it was the experience of a lifetime. But the same can be said for standing on the sidelines and watching the Olympic torch go by.

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