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Many customers don’t realize that Cymax’s back-story is just as impressive as our huge range of furniture – and that we’re growing just as quickly.

A spectacular story

It’s the stuff of movies, really: It’s 2003, and a young entrepreneur is searching for a TV stand online. He isn’t happy with the selection so he starts his own web store selling audio and video furniture. Seven years later he’s heading a $100 million ecommerce powerhouse that carries everything from bar stools to bunk beds. Internet Retailer now ranks Cymax as one of the world’s top 500 online businesses, and our customers have rewarded us with a 92 per cent approval rating.

We’re proud to say that the Cymax of today still rests on the same solid foundations we laid in the beginning – a comprehensive selection of quality products, outstanding value for money and excellent customer service. That last point doesn’t stop at the checkout – we want to take our loyal customers along for the ride, keeping everyone in the loop as we continue to expand.

Come along for the ride

For more information about where we have come from and where we’re headed, check us out on CrunchBase. You can also keep the conversation open through Facebook, Twitter (@CymaxStores_) and LinkedIn.

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