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Cymax Stores Facebook Page Did you know that Cymax Stores has active and lively accounts on your favorite social media sites? We’re on Facebook and Twitter, sharing our latest new products and promotions. Also check out our LinkedIn company page where we will be sharing company news and more.


Reach Out & Say Hello!

We love to talk to current, potential, and past customers, along with all of our many brands with their own thriving social media profiles. These booming communities are great places to connect with us, and with your fellow online furniture enthusiasts.


We’ve Got a Reputation (92% +)

Customer service is our highest priority, whether you’re buying a small appliance or a 5 piece bedroom set. We’re committed to attentive, thoughtful service that exceeds your expectations. Read what our customers are saying about us on Amazon.


Built On a Strong Foundation

Cymax Stores started out like many small businesses; a good idea, grown with a lot of hard work. Our founder wanted a more stylish TV stand and found selection lacking. He started his own online store to solve the problem, and the rest is history! Learn more about the Cymax story on Wikipedia.


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