Bush Throws Cymax a Sushi Lunch

Cymax Sushi Lunch

To show customer appreciation, last Friday, Bush Furniture, one of the 12 largest furniture manufacturers in the US, treated Cymax Stores to a sushi lunch.

The Social Committee, who helped host the event, kept it a well-guarded secret until the very last moment. Since Cymax is still growing, both the boardroom and the kitchen were set up with a combination of boat platters and round platters laden with various types of sushi rolls and other tasty morsels. Around 11:30 people from all departments started to gather round the tables, prepared to dig in.

The impressive display included California, salmon, tuna and cucumber rolls arranged in colourful patterns. Other goodies that made an appearance were Boston roll, prawn and yam tempura roll and spicy salmon and BBQ salmon rolls. The Social Committee didn’t forget the vegetarians: there were dishes including avocado rolls and gomaae ordered especially for them. And of course, there was the ever popular favourite, gyoza.

Everyone at Cymax enjoyed this delicious feast. Thanks for the great lunch Bush Furniture!

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