Who says that your child is too young to ride a bike? Built with safety in mind, the YBike has been engineered to help your child build up their balance and co-ordination skills. The YBike was the winner of numerous awards, including the 2010 Oppenheim Platinum Toy of the Year Award. A toy recommended for children two and up, there’s no better way to let your young one get a young start on learning how to ride a bike.

Regular use of the YBike has shown to increase kids’ motor skill functions, as it is designed with less balancing aid than other similar products. The sturdy build is completed with smooth lines and sleek curves to create an incredibly high level of safety. Enlarged wheels help keep the bike steady while still providing a challenge.

Under parental supervision, your child will quickly be zooming around on the YBike as if it was second nature. The YBike is the premiere bicycle for young children; just don’t be surprised if your little one grows up pulling off double back-flips at the BMX track.


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