Schoenhut Toy Piano 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand Piano in Black

Sometimes you can just tell when a toy will be a hit with your child. That’s certainly the case with the award-winning Schoenhut’s Toy Baby Grand Piano. This mini piano is the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of music. With 30 full-sized keys, your future Mozart will truly be able to learn the basics of playing piano.

This baby grand isn’t just looks. Each key struck rings true with a crystal clear, chime-like note. The tones are produced from small hammers striking metal rods, just like in a standard piano. Because it is chromatically tuned, the tones will never change and you won’t be forced to tune the piano.

The keys are properly sized, so your child will learn from the start proper finger positioning and basic playing skills. A patented color-coded learning system will guide your youngster along, teaching proper chords and notes. The toy piano comes with a songbook that features a collection of familiar ear-pleasing songs. Don’t wait – let your child experience the pure pleasure that one gets from tickling the ivories of this kids’ piano.

Schoenhut Toy Piano 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand Piano in Black

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