Little Tikes Indoor/ Outdoor Cook ‘n Grill Kitchen

One of the hottest children’s toys for Christmas 2010, the Little Tikes Indoor/ Outdoor Cook ‘n Grill kitchen will entertain the kids for hours on end. If you’ve got children who love playing grown-up, then this is the ultimate toy this holiday season.

The Indoor/ Outdoor Cook ‘n Grill comes packed with over 27 different accessories, including a ‘magic’ coffee pot with disappearing coffee! How cool is that!? Other accessories includes a magnetic refrigerator door, a stovetop burner that makes realistic grilling sounds, fabric flames and even a chef’s hat. This Cook ‘n Grill kitchen comes with everything your child will need to create a fun Little Tikes Indoor/Outdoor imaginary grown-up world. If you’re looking for a Christmas present that will impress your kids, this is the one.

Watch as kids let their imaginations run wild, dreaming up different cooking scenarios with this realistic play environment. Don’t be surprised if you get caught up in the fun and games, grilling and cooking to your heart’s content while your little one prepares the rest of the meal. Just don’t forget to wear your ‘Hail to the Chef’ apron while you grill up your world famous imaginary ribs.

Little Tikes Indoor/ Outdoor Cook 'n Grill Kitchen

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