Let the Comfort Baking Commence!

Treat your family to a little comfort food this fall when you pick up one or more of the small appliances that make baking a breeze. With Halloween and Thanksgiving both around the corner, the timing is perfect to start planning your fall baking.

Indulge in your favorite cakes, cookies, breads, and any other treats you love to serve, but never have time to bake. To get you started, here are a couple of staple kitchen appliance products you’ll want in your home.

Electric Mixers

Depending on how often you bake, having an electric mixer could be your new best friend. To start shopping, think about budget versus function. How much do you want to spend and what kind of baker are you?

You could purchase a hand-held mixer with beater attachments or opt for a stand and bowl mixer. Basic hand-held models are quite economical and more than sufficient to prepare batter from a packaged powder. However, if you prefer to bake from scratch, you may want to invest in a stand model to better accommodate extra blending and thicker batters.

Sunbeam Stand Mixer 300 W 12 Speed with Steel Bowl

Bread Makers

Having fresh baked bread at home can be addictive. Once you’ve had homemade, custom seasoned breads, you won’t want the pre-packaged supermarket kind. To get the most value from your purchase, choose a bread maker can customize crust preference or create cakes and pizza dough.

 Panasonic Bread Maker 5 Size

For more appliance ideas, think of blenders, deep fryers, food processors, and juicers. Think of sandwich, popcorn, and waffle makers for light snacks and breakfast treats. Choose the appliances you’ll use and enjoy to make sure you can create a spread of comfort food fit for family events and special occasions.

If you have children at home that would love to help you bake, but are still just a bit too young, treat them to a pretend baking play set from brands like KidKraft or Learning Resources.

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