Guidecraft Hardwood Work Bench

If your little guy or girl enjoys a very tactile, hands-on experience, then there’s no better kids’ toy than the Guidecraft Hardwood Work Bench. The great thing about this work bench is that it really works! Allow your child to experience the satisfaction that only working with your hands can give.

This kids’ work bench comes with colorful and easy-to-use tools including a wrench, screwdriver, hammer (with working claw), c-clamp, T-square, and realistic vise. Each tool has its own storage place so it’s easy to organize, and a drawer is the perfect space for any extra tools or items. It’s the perfect space for a child to learn the practical use of different tools.

The bench counter can be used for a number of different tasks, including screwing, hammering and other handy actions. Work with bolts, screws, nuts and nails. Give your child a chance to learn about the world of tools. The best part about this workstation? It’s much more forgiving when you accidentally hammer your thumb.

Guidecraft Hardwood Work Bench

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