Delta Children’s Products Toy Story Table and Chair Set

Let your children relive the wonder and amazement of the Toy Story franchise every single day with the Delta Children’s Products Toy Story Table and Chair Set. This fun and playful children’s furniture features Buzz, Woody and plenty of other favorite characters from the beloved movies. This bright and bold table is perfect for any child’s room, as it perfectly captures the excitement and whimsy of the Toy Story movies.

Constructed of solid wood, this table set can easily handle the daily wear-n-tear your kids provide, and the beautiful design will delight young eyes every single time. It’s the perfect place for homework, coloring, reading – you name it! Your kids will never want to grow up after seeing this table set.

The Toy Story films are treasured by parents and children alike, so imagine the joy you’ll get watching their faces as they see this fantastic set. Allow your children to go to infinity and beyond! with this awesome children’s table set. Gather around Mr. Potato Head, Rexx and Hamm and you’ll have yourself a Toy Story party your kids won’t forget.

Delta Children's Products Toy Story Table and Chair Set

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