Bunky Board or Bunkie Board or Bunkieboard?

They’ve been bugging you for months to get them a bunk bed. And now you’re just about ready to buy a bunk bed for them, you keep hearing something about a bunky board and that it’s advisable to get one for each bunk. Although some manufacturers might include Bunkie boards with the purchase of a bunk bed set, most do not. When you search for bunky boards online something interesting happens. Bunkie board, bunkieboard and even bunkey board appear as alternate spellings. The good news is no matter how you spell it, it’s the same thing. But what exactly is a bunkieboard? And why do you need one?

twin over twin bunk bed

Why Bunky Boards?

Bunkie boards were invented to essentially eliminate having to use a box spring with bunk beds. Since bunk beds are typically used in rooms with ceilings of standard height (approximately 8 feet), a box spring, anywhere from 5 to 9 inches thick, would make the mattress sit too close to either ceiling – the one above the bottom bunk and the one that belongs to the room. A Bunkie board is much thinner.

Bunkie Board Design

Designed especially for use with bunk beds, bunky boards provide the support a box spring would, but without the bulk or height. A Bunkie board is often made from wood (the board part of bunkieboard). Some manufacturers offer Bunkie boards that are covered in fabric. Other types of bunky boards have the appearance of a mattress or box spring because they include padding in addition to the wood platform.

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  1. I wish we had some of these when we got our kids’ bunkbeds. We had a family friend hand craft some bunk beds; he didn’t do too good a job because he measured the box springs. He made the bed EXACT to those measurements, so, of course, the box springs wouldn’t fit. The frame needed to be larger than the measurements. On top of that, my youngest son has ripped the cloth on the bottom of the box springs off and is using the box springs as a series of shelves for his stuffed animals.

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