Child safety, just one click away

Not long ago we highlighted a study that exposed the dismal rate of product safety monitoring among Americans, and asked for ideas about how safety recall alerts can be better delivered in the digital age.   Click, Check, Protect Well, thanks to our readers we discovered Click, Check and Protect, a valuable new safety service […]

Stand up for your health at Cymax

Forget the exercise ball, turn work into a workout with the latest phenomena in healthy workspace design: exercise desks and standing desks. Not only do these revolutionary desks shake-up your work day, they also reduce the risks associated with excessive sitting, which extend beyond obesity. According to the Wall Street Journal, a recent study by […]

The dangers lurking in drop-side cribs

Parents are in for a wakeup call as a string of drop-side crib recalls shines new light on the controversial infant bedding, which was recently banned from sale in the US. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled three new models of drop-side crib in the past month, citing risks such as strangulation and […]

What product recall?

How do you keep track of product safety information? According to a recent study published in Parade Magazine, fewer than 50 per cent of Americans fill out product registration cards. And less than 25 per cent actively research safety recalls online.   Lazy or outdated? Sure, paper registration seems archaic in the digital age (we would […]

Product safety: There’s an app for that

  Here’s something for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to take note of. Down Under, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched an iPhone app that provides customers with easily accessible information on recalled consumer goods.   Safety starts at the shops According to ACCC, the Recalls Australia app is intended to help […]