Natural Gas vs. Liquid Propane for Gas Grills

If you’re in the market for a new grill, you’ve probably noticed that gas grills have become the standard choice in household barbecues across North America. Gas is efficient and cost-effective. But the selection in form and function has now become dizzying. So where do you start? We recommend that you first decide whether you prefer natural gas or liquid propane as your fuel. Here is a quick rundown on the differences.

Grill to WIN with TEC Infrared Grills

Do you own a TEC Infrared Grill? Here’s your chance to win a new model, the TEC Cherokee FR Portable Infrared Grill. To enter, all you need is your grill and a video-capable camera. Shoot your grill in action. Share your thoughts on what makes a great grilling experience, how to maximize flavors and enhance […]

Gold Weber Grills at Cymax

Memorial Day is almost here! Are you ready to kick off summer? Better yet, are you ready for another grilling season? We’re ready here at Cymax and CS Grills with the ever-popular gold Weber grills to get you started. Although this barbecue is already a favorite nationwide, did you know that gold Weber grills are […]

Get Bush Furniture in Your Corner

Office spaces seem to be getting tighter wherever you go. At home and in the workplace, we need to use our work spaces more efficiently than ever before. Compact and/or shared offices make L-shaped and corner model desks an ideal choice. Bush Furniture is one of the most popular choices in office furniture, for their design versatility and stylish quality.

Modus Hudson Spirit Cabinet

Adding a home bar to a family room, dining room, kitchen/dining/living area or den gives the room an inviting and urbane atmosphere that puts the spotlight on you as a savvy host. But what if you live in an apartment or you are furnishing a smaller-sized room? A folding bar like the stylish Modus Spirit […]