Designing the Ultimate Mancave

Every guy wants a comfortable place to sit back and relax in a room that has been designed just for the guys. Instead of the dark and dank basement rec rooms of the past, today’s man-oriented retreats are designed to be stylish, fun and comfortable. The Mancave is the perfect place to recharge your batteries […]

Flat Screen TV Options: Wall Mounted or LCD TV Stands

If you’ve recently purchased a flat screen TV, your next decision is how to install it in your home. Consider your floor plan and available space before you commit and you’ll avoid a cramped or empty looking living room or media room. Will you mount it on your wall? Should you use a TV stand? There are pros and […]

Get a Holiday-ready Media Room

Make a few quick updates to any living room or media room to be ready for movie nights and informal entertaining. Even if you don’t add a lot of seasonal decoration to your home, you can add small touches that make your space a bit more inviting. Our theme below includes a candle that adds […]

Buying Guide: TV Furniture

The options available in TV and home entertainment furniture today are almost limitless. However, this also means that it can be daunting for a homeowner who is trying to choose the best option for their space. Should you pick a small glass TV stand or a wood TV cabinet? A beautiful TV hutch or a […]

How To Hang a TV Over A Fireplace

It’s a common dilemma. You’ve bought a new plasma or LCD TV. But now where do you put it? The ideal solution for many people is to hang your flat screen TV above your fireplace. It’s quite popular to hang your TV above a fireplace these days instead of a mirror or piece of art. […]