Outdoor Lounging

Brainstorming for outdoor living space ideas has never been a more creatively fulfilling project. With furniture choices that now include the comfort of an outdoor daybed in your back yard, the possibilities get really interesting. Traditionally, patio furniture has been modeled after kitchen and dining room spaces, intended to accommodate outdoor dining or maybe board […]

How To Hang a TV Over A Fireplace

It’s a common dilemma. You’ve bought a new plasma or LCD TV. But now where do you put it? The ideal solution for many people is to hang your flat screen TV above your fireplace. It’s quite popular to hang your TV above a fireplace these days instead of a mirror or piece of art. […]

How to Hang a Flat Screen TV

Sonax TV Adjustable Wall Mount 32 to 65 Inches Hands down, the biggest question after purchasing a new flat screen TV is where to hang it. It’s not surprising. Hanging a flat screen TV wall mount can be quite an intimidating task. A plasma or LCD TV can weigh a lot so it’s important to […]

A Buying Guide to Changing Tables

Babyletto Modo 3 Drawer Wood Changer in Two Tone Espresso New parents are always very excited to decorate the nursery for their newest family member. A new crib, new soft toys and a cute mobile are often at the top of the shopping list. But let’s face it – no one gets excited thinking about […]