Black Friday teaser: Where’s the action?

With Black Friday just around the corner, many eager shoppers are wondering where they’ll find the most retail action. It’s difficult to say where the best bargains will be found ahead of the release of official deals, but pre-existing data show which cities are likely lay down the most cash.


Where are the biggest shopaholics in the US?

Americans are expected to spend $465.6 billion in holiday retail sales in 2011, 2.8 per cent more than last year. The data below, compiled by retail analysis group Bundle, shows where most of that money is going to come from, ranking average retail spending per person, per month for the 12 months to March 2011. Does your city make the list?


10. Bakersfield, California: where residents spend an average of $201.50 per month.

9. Austin, Texas: $213

8. Seattle, Washington: $213

7. San Jose, California: $221.17

6. San Francisco, California: $227.42

5. Dallas, Texas: $228.58

4. Scottsdale, Arizona: $243.17

3. Nashville, Tennessee: $251.17

2. Arlington, Virginia: $254.58

And the biggest-spending city in the US is…

1. Washington DC: where residents spend an average of $263 per month.


What does that mean for Black Friday?

Of course, bigger spending doesn’t necessarily mean better prices (it could mean precisely the opposite). But it might help you gauge where the shopping hotspots will be in 2011.

Your best bet for securing the lowest prices this Black Friday is to start following your favorite retailers, taking note of specials as they are released.

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