Modern Bedroom Furniture Neo-Victorian Style

Looking for a fun home decorating idea for the New Year? Start with your love of modern bedroom furniture and elaborate on your theme from there. Fill in the rest of your space after a few key decisions like accent color and what, if any, textures or patterns to include.


Neo-Victorian Modern Black & White Bedroom

  1. Regency Black & White Wallpaper – Graham & Brown
  2. Vishnu Mirror in Black – Zuo Modern
  3. Decorative Flocked Damask Square Toss Pillow – Target
  4. Maddox Platform Bed Set in Pure Black - South Shore

In the example above, we’re looking at how to recreate this boldly modern, yet wistfully romantic, Neo-Victorian interior design idea. Using modern bedroom furniture and updated traditional décor accents, this room can be yours in a few fun and easy steps.

Starting with a modern black bedroom set, build the rest of your theme using items like an eye-catching wallpaper pattern on a feature wall and a dramatic mirror on an accent wall.

Our version merges the picture frame and mirror idea, although many possible variations on throw pillows, lighting and lamps, throw rugs and other accessories would still work. Take a design idea you love and personalize it with your favorite modern bedroom furniture finds.

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