Introducing: The Bunky Board!


The term bunkie board creates a lot of confusion. Bunkie board (or bunky board) is still relatively unheard of. But these problem-solving bedroom furniture pieces might be more useful (and popular!) than you think. Read on to learn all about bunkie boards.

What Is A Bunkie Board?

Let’s get started by simply defining what a bunky board actually is. A bunkie board is essentially a stiff board that has been covered with fabric and usually some light upholstery. They have been designed to replace a box spring mattress and they fit underneath a regular mattress. This means they are available in a full variety of bed sizes (ie. Queen size, king size etc). They add a similar level of support to a boxspring but without the extra height.

Is a Bunkie Board Necessary?

Contrary to popular belief, bunkie boards don’t necessarily have anything to do with bunk beds. A bunkie board can be used on almost any bed. They become a necessity for beds that have been designed to forgo a box spring as well as for most latex and foam mattresses.

Bunky boards are also commonly used for low-profile platform beds. The bunky board raises the mattress off of the slats to create the ever-popular floating look. This is perfect for modern or contemporary bedrooms that use a platform bed.

Why Use A Bunkie Board?

A bunky board is a requirement for beds that don’t require a box spring or for those who use a foam or latex mattress. It adds support and also raises the mattress up an inch or two (depending on which bunkieboard design you choose).

Using a bunky board can extend the life of your foam or latex mattress. If you have found that an older mattress has lost it’s luster, purchasing a bunky board is a great way to breathe some life into it for a few more years. Many people find that a latex or foam mattress is more comfortable when used in conjunction with a bunky board.

Bunky boards are a popular choice for bunk beds as height restrictions limit the use of box spring mattresses. Most bunkie boards are 2-3” in height so be sure to double check both the recommended total mattress height of your bunkbed and your mattress.

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