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Choosing a beautiful headboard goes a long way towards making your bedroom a wonderful place to be. You spend one third of your life in bed so it only makes sense to make your bedroom a calming and relaxing place to be. Picking out a new headboard is the perfect place to start when redecorating your bedroom. The bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom so it makes sense to make it a true focal point. Use it to tie together your existing furniture pieces or purchase one as part of a matching set.

South Shore Cosmos Full Bookcase Headboard in Black Onyx

Why Purchase a Headboard?

Many people already own a mattress, box spring and bed frame. But to make your bed become the focal point of the room you will also need a really fantastic headboard. A headboard not only looks great but is actually functional. Its main purpose is to keep the pillows and bedding in place but any one who reads or watches TV in bed will attest to how useful it can be.

Choosing a headboard that coordinates with your existing furniture is a great way to give your space a cohesive look. A headboard also provides you with some design flexibility. It’s entirely up to you if you want to finish the look with a matching footboard or bed frame down the road or if you want to leave it as is.

This is also an economical way to purchase your bed as a headboard is much cheaper than an entire bed frame. If you don’t have enough money to totally re-haul your bedroom, consider just purchasing a new headboard. It will give your space a new look at a relatively low cost.

Sonax Contemporary Queen Headboard in Urban Maple

Types of Headboards

Headboards are available in an almost mind-boggling array of colors, finishes and shapes. Maybe you are dreaming of a rectangular tufted upholstered headboard style. Or perhaps you would prefer an arched design outfitted in a bright fabric. Whether you want rounded corners, slanted backs, curves, button tufting or plush upholstery with padded headboard borders, there is guaranteed to be a great headboard for you in our comprehensive collection.

The rich and warm look of wood is a great choice for a headboard. Wood headboards can be simple and flat or they can be embellished with paneling, molding or carved detailing. Wood headboards are available in a wide variety of styles from contemporary to antique-inspired.

A common variation on the wood headboard is the slat headboard, which is typically more casual and contemporary in feeling than a solid wood headboard. Slats can be vertical or horizontal. Slatted headboards provide a more open look than a solid headboard which provides the illusion of space – a perfect choice for small spaces. Wood headboards are available in a wide range of species and finishes so you are guaranteed to find a perfect match for you.

Lea Elite Rhapsody Panel Headboard in Cherry

Upholstered headboards are the most popular choice for headboards. Their added padding makes them more comfortable to lean on than a wood headboard. This is the perfect choice for those who like to read or watch TV in bed. A wide array of available fabrics makes an upholstered headboard right for almost any space. They can also feature additional details such as button tufting or nailhead trim. Try a leather headboard or a suede headboard for a truly luxurious look. Try a bold print for an intense look or choose something softer and textured – like linen – for more of a classic feeling. Upholstered headboards can be made entirely or partially of fabric.

Metal headboards are the functional and durable choice. A metal rail design is a classic look in any color that you choose: white, oil rubbed bronze, pewter or black. Choose a simple shape for a modern look or something more ornate for a country feel. Metal headboards with scroll work are also extremely popular either on their own or used in combination with wood. A huge variety of metals are available to choose from including wrought iron, cast steel, pewter, and heavy gauge tubing.

Kids headboards offer even more selection of style. From whimsical styles to functional pieces with storage, there are some amazing design options to choose from. Colors and finishes are available to match any style of décor. Go for a playful style to spark your child’s imagination or for a storage headboard to maximize your space.

Headboards can be much more than just somewhere to rest your head. They can also provide extra storage in the form of bookshelves or cubbies. If you truly want to maximize your space choose a headboard that has a matching base with pull-out drawer or a trundle bed. A  bookcase headboard is particularly common among children’s headboards but they are a great way to add extra storage in any bedroom. Try a storage headboard in a teen’s room or dorm to get the most amount of storage possible. They also are a great solution for rooms where you have limited room for a night stand.

Magnussen Equinox Wood Queen Platform Headboard

Headboard Sizes

Choosing a headboard width is pretty straightforward. Your headboard should be  roughly as wide as your bed at the minimum. Headboards are generally available in the same sizes as beds: twin (38″ x 75″), full (53″ x 75″), queen (60″ x 80″), king (76″ x 80″) and California King (72″ x 84″). Some headboards have been designed to fit two different sizes (usually full/queen). However some headboards are designed to be wider than the bed frame for a dramatic and stately look.

You will also have a choice on headboard height. Taller people might prefer a taller headboard for comfort but a tall headboard is also a great way to make a statement. A low profile headboard is a great look for a contemporary space. However if you have a large bed like a King or California King you will probably want a tall headboard to be in proportion with the bed.

Home Styles Cabana Banana Natural Woven Textile Queen Headboard in Cocoa

Styles of Headboard

Let your imagination run wild! There is truly a headboard available to suit any style: modern or traditional, contemporary or country. Since it’s such a large piece of furniture it’s a good idea to take your time and fully consider the choices available for your new headboard.

If you have an existing bedroom set, you can buy a headboard to match the rest of your furniture. But you don’t necessarily have to go that route. You can also express your individuality by purchasing a contrasting but complimentary headboard. Or go for the headboard you love use to use as a spring board for an entire bedroom redesign. Have fun with mixing styles – like an upholstered headboard with a mahogany wood bedroom set for example.

Home Styles Bedford Queen Headboard in Ebony

Traditional headboards make a great statement in any home. A beautifully carved wood headboard in a rich wood finish like cherry or mahogany is guaranteed to look great for a lifetime. If you want a classic or formal look then a traditional headboard is for you. Go for a headboard with a curved upholstered back with button tufting details for an added dose of style.

A country style headboard shares many similarities to traditional headboard styles. Just like in traditional styles, carved detailing, curved lines and paneling are all frequently used. However a much more casual and rustic feeling is achieved by the use of oak, maple and painted finishes. Distressed or antique finishes are also common. Metal headboards with vintage-inspired charm are another great way to get the country look.

Modern and contemporary headboards are sleek and striking. They are the perfect choice for the urban home. Look for square or rectangular lines and sleek metal accents in satin or brushed nickel. High gloss finishes, asymmetrical designs and creative use of paneling are some other modern design options. Choose from a range of dramatic finishes like espresso, ebony or pure white.

Fashion Bed Group Chatham Headboard

Now What? Attaching Your New Headboard

When you are ordering a headboard, it should be clear how your headboard is mounted. There are two major ways to attach a headboard – frame mounted or wall mounted.

The majority of headboards are designed to attach to a metal bed frame or bed rails. Just match up the holes on the frame with the holes on the headboard. Screw or bolt them together and voila! Your headboard is attached. However not all bed frames or rails can support headboards. You will need to double check your headboard as well as your existing bed frame to ensure a proper fit.

A wall mounted headboard will require a bit more work to install but in the end they will be sturdier than a frame mounted headboard. They also allow you to push your bed right up against the wall which is ideal for small spaces. While a wall mounted headboard usually includes all the necessary fittings, some models may require the purchase of some extra hardware. So if these are crucial points for you, make sure you check ahead before you make a purchase.

Before purchasing your headboard, it is a good idea to check to see how it is mounted. Some people don’t want to hang a headboard on their wall for any number of reasons. Maybe you are renting or maybe you just don’t want to put holes in your freshly painted walls. Be sure to purchase a bed frame mounted model if this applies to you.

Hillsdale Milwaukee Headboard

All the Top Brands

We have full range of headboards from all the most trusted headboard brands including South Shore, Sauder, Prepac, Home Styles and Hillsdale. We feature the best styles for every home and budget and free shipping on most products.

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