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Travel Survival Kit: Activity Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

You know the look. You used to give it to the mom with the screaming kid in her arms as she boarded the plane. Now you’re the one getting the please-not-next-to-me look. But having a baby or toddler doesn’t mean your traveling days are over. With just a little preparation you can combat road fatigue and are-we-there-yet syndrome. All you need is a travel survival kit.

Arts & Crafts
Notebook Amazing how far some white sheets of paper and colored pencils can go. Give your kids a theme, say an African Safari, and watch them fill up those pages faster than you can say bathroom break.
Postcards Stock up on local destination and prestamped cards and have your kids write to their friends, grandparents or, heck, to themselves.
Doodling Etch a Sketch, Dry-erase board. You’ll be there before they get bored playing with these.

Best Music Gift Set Make Some Music Tired of singing Wheels on the Bus on every car trip. Let your little munchkin come up with his own song with the Schoenhut Toy Piano Musical Gift Bag.
Books on Tape Get dizzy reading in a moving vehicle? That’s why they invented books on tapes… and to give you a break from reading Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia to your kid for the 15th time.
Baby CD When baby’s ready for nap time (we know you are), pop in a CD like Baby Go to Sleep, which features traditional lullabies with a heartbeat rhythm to calm crying babies.
Teddy Bear Toys Buy a bunch of small, inexpensive trinkets and toys and wrap them in colorful or funky paper (the funny pages will also work). Not only will it take your kid a while to unwrap the “treasure” but it will also feel like a birthday every few miles. If all else fails, make sure you bring baby’s favorite teddy. This Melodies Bear lets parents choose between womb sounds, three calming lullabies, or two nature sounds

Scrapbook You’ve collected enough ticket stubs, postcards, restaurant coasters and brochures… now have your kids organize them for a scrapbook.
Handheld Travel Games Magnets, electronic games and iPhone Apps could very well be God’s gift to traveling families. Magnetic checkers anyone?

Best Baby Play Book Books for Tiny Hands Infants and toddlers too young to draw or write by themselves will love Tiny Love Touch & Discover Play Book. Featuring animal themes, the book arouses  curiosity and encourages motor and cognitive development with sounds that are activated by aligning bee with the electronic touch point.

SPEAK UP What are your summer travel plans? Share your fail safe tricks to keep kids entertained in the car or on the plane.

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