Nursery Decor for Small Spaces

Creating the perfect nursery in a small space doesn’t mean having to compromise on style. In fact, there is a lot of baby furniture out there that is designed specifically for urban parents or those who live in small houses and end up having to convert a spare bedroom or tiny office space into baby’s room. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips and tricks, plus furniture to match, to help new parents decorate a baby room that is both comfortable and practical.

The award-winning Stokke Sleepi crib system is a favorite among minimalist and design-conscious parents who fall in love with the bed’s modern soft curves. It comes in five different colors to complement your nursery color scheme and home. Natural, white or gray color schemes work best for small rooms since they take up less visual space than a darker color, such as walnut or cherry. The best thing about this sleeping system is that it grows with your child. Featuring a comforting, round shape (read: baby won’t get stuck in a corner), the Sleepi starts out as a mini bassinet and as baby grows, it turns into a full-size crib and eventually a toddler bed.
tip: Don’t forget that you’ll need a specially designed mattress for this crib, such as the Stokke Sleepi System Foam Mini Bassinet & Crib Mattress Set By Colgatte


A comfortable glider is a must since you’ll be spending a lot of nights rocking baby to sleep. This model has a built-in recliner, which means you won’t need a space-hogging ottoman. It features a comfortable reclining back with extra lumbar support and a flip-up footrest. After the nursing years, it can easily transition into the playroom or living room.
tip: Place a small table close to the chair so you can easily rest a bottle or favorite nighttime book.

That first year you’ll spend almost as much time putting baby to sleep as you will changing his or her diaper. Save time and prevent hassle by creating a well-stocked changing area. Choose a simple changing table, like this one, with enough drawers or shelves to stock extra diapers, lotions and wipes.

tip: Hang a caddy with extra diapers and supplies on a pegboard above the changing table to keep all necessities close at hand. Decorate with a few favorite toys, like this cute stuffed elephant, to help keep a squirmy baby distracted.

Good lighting is essential in any nursery. The last thing you want is a bright ceiling light that will completely wake up baby when you change her in the middle of the night. Instead, choose a floor lamp that you can place next to the changing table or by the glider so you can direct the light exactly where you need it. This floor lamp features a dimmer switch and swing-arm that makes it ideal for reading.
Make sure you choose a low voltage bulb that won’t disturb baby’s sensitive eyes.

Do you live in a small apartment or house and are finding it challenging to convert a spare room into a stylish nursery? What decorating solutions did you come up with?

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